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Wolfsburg Automotive has won the Liqui-Moly Motor Oils contest for being one of the top 5 Independent shops in the nation for selling Liqui-Moly Motor Oils.  We have been a big supporter of Liqui-Moly products and are honored to be recognized!


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What to do if your oil light comes on.

The low oil pressure warning light alerts the driver when a potentially catastrophic event is taking place. Every engine needs a minimum amount of oil pressure in order to function. An engine has dozens of precision metallic parts, revolving thousands of times per minute. All of these parts need to be constantly bathed in a pressurized shower of oil. Some actually need to be held in place by a pressurized ring of oil, so they never actually touch and just float in what is termed a “hydraulic lock.”

We’re happy to announce that we’re able to program the immobilizer keys for VW and Audi cars from 2001 to 2005!!!

We’re working on getting keys for your VW and Audi vehicles also.

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Servicing Volkswagen, Audi, Mini, Porsche – Memphis, TN